Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scenes from Gordon and Katie's Wedding - August 24, 2013

Weddings are unique -- every single one!  Why wouldn't they be?  After all, there are different people, backgrounds, faiths, likes and dislikes.  A wedding is the culmination of so many thoughts, feelings, and time.  The day is an ending and beginning all in one.  For the bride and groom, two separate lives become one.  For the parents, there is an ending, a subtle shift in relationship with their child and they gain a new son or daughter.  Because of this, amidst the joy and happiness, there is a myriad of emotions surrounding the days leading up to the BIG day!  Getting married is one of those rare pivotal moments in life. Life takes a turn and is never the same from that day on.  Gordon, one of BMH's own, was married here on Saturday. . . here are a few scenes from their wedding day.  

Caterer:  Williamson Caterers
Photographer:  Mike Landis Photographer
DJ:  Schaffer Sound - Chris Romanelli
Florist:  Bitman's Orchids

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