Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's Trending? Rustic and Vintage in the Manor Barn!

In the spring of 2013, we debuted our brand new Manor Barn. To give you a little background, the barn is circa 1794, and it was actually taken apart, moved, and rebuilt on BMH's property! As our newest ceremony and reception spot on the property, we are thrilled at the response its received! We've seen many brides and grooms marry within its walls this season, and although we are always honored to have couples choose BMH, to have our newest addition so well received is such a blessing! 

We begin each and every wedding season in anticipation. Anticipation of seeing more and more couples say their vows, anticipation of yet another year doing what we love, and anticipation of the year's wedding trends... yes, trends. Each year, we see certain colors and ideas that will in many cases "trend" through the entire season, and frequently into the years that follow. We always find it interesting when wedding season begins and we can start seeing what details will emerge as trends.

This year, we saw a high number of our brides focusing on vintage and rustic details. In many cases, these brides seemed to choose the Manor Barn as the location for their wedding or reception! Each wedding, although similar in theme, is so different! 

We are happy to share some of the ideas that our BMH brides have used this wedding season in our Manor Barn. If you are a past BMH bride that has pictures in or out of the barn, please feel free to send them along! We'd love to see and share them. (Please just include the photographer's name so that we may credit them.)

If you're a prospective bride, please take a look through and feel free to use some of these ideas for your upcoming wedding! We think this is one trend that will stick around for a while. :)

The Manor Barn
The barn interior is an ideal spot for your rustic themed wedding ceremony. As the Manor Barn was new for 2013, this bride quickly took advantage and was one of the first to have her ceremony inside the barn! With the twinkle lights included in the Manor Barn package, there was little necessary to add! With Baby's Breath wreaths on the windows and yellow and white flower petals in the aisle, the barn had a complete rustic and vintage look to complete the bride's vision for her wedding day!

Photo Credits: Mike Landis Photography
Flowers are not just for the ceremony and reception. Flowers are such a big part of both the wedding and reception. They can be used to decorate every aspect and location that your guests will see! Having her ceremony in our Manor Barn, she brought in tree stumps that the groom had personally cut and created! In clusters on the pathway to the entrance, they were topped with different sized mason jars with wildflowers inside. These added to the rustic, country theme of the wedding and were visually stimulating for wedding guests. Her bouquet was full of yellow and white wildflowers and wrapped with burlap and lace to complete her vintage look.

Photo Credits: Mike Landis Photography
For many brides, the pictures are one of the most important aspects of the wedding. We know how much thought and planning are put into the wedding, so it's our goal to make each of our locations perfect for photos! The Manor Barn provides a gorgeous backdrop for both your ceremony and reception. It also allows for beautiful photos both inside and outside. Below are photos from three of our Manor Barn weddings this season.The bride in the top left photo added cute umbrellas to go with her pastel colors and vintage theme. On the right, the bride wore a gorgeous lace gown with simple flowers that went perfectly with the soft colors throughout her wedding. In the bottom photo, purple balls of flowers were draped from the center window for a pop of color!

Top Left Photo Credit: Sarah Hill Photography
Top Right Photo Credit: Siousca Photography
Bottom Photo Credit: Jensen Photography
The Manor Barn also provided some fun photos from the outside! Along the entrance to the barn, there is an antique wagon with a Just Married sign attached to one end. Perfect for a thank you card or a wedding announcement! The next couple used the barn entrance to the Bridal room to play on the idea of not seeing each other, but holding hands. This always results in a teary bride, but it is so cute for pictures! In the photo on the bottom, you'll see how this couple used the pillars on the bottom floor of the barn to pose their bridal party!

Top Left Photo Credit: Stringer Photography
Top Right and Bottom Photo Credit: Mike Landis Photography
We're a little biased, but we think the Manor Barn is perfect for a rustic, vintage, or country reception (although we've also seen very modern receptions within its walls, and although opposite in nature, they look incredible, too :) ). Completely intimate, it provides a smaller, country feel to your reception, while also providing enough space to get around! With a barn that already provides such a backdrop, most brides choose to keep it simple. Light linens with some floral pops in the centerpieces and colored napkins. In adding some pendants, burlap, and lace, these brides achieved their rustic themes!

Photo Credits: Brandywine Manor House
We adore our brides and grooms. We love seeing each bride's vision come alive and how each and every wedding at Brandywine Manor House is different. Although sometimes the themes are similar, each couple has their own way of using their ideas and implementing them into their ceremony, reception, and choices for photo opportunities. We love vintage and rustic inspired weddings and how this trend incorporates our newest addition. It's a trend we hope will stick around. :)

Photo Credit: Mike Landis Photography

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