Friday, December 28, 2012

Brides Want to Know: Honeymoon Tips and Tricks

Here at BMH, we love answering bride's and groom's questions. Whether they are about ceremony location, reception protocol, or color schemes, we enjoy calming couples' nerves about the details regarding their big day.

We're here to help. And that's why when, having gotten numerous questions from current couples about honeymoon locations, we knew exactly who to ask - our former brides and grooms.

In an effort to aid our current couples, we've asked our past brides and grooms to tell us a little bit about where they honeymooned. Many respondents have included recommendations, tips, and pictures.

We look forward to using this information as an installment on our blog, and we hope that our current and future brides and grooms will consider this information when choosing their honeymoon location.

Happy wedding (and honeymoon) planning!

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