Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Entertaining Your Littlest Guests - The Kids | Part Two

It's time for the second installment in which we give you ideas on how to entertain kids at your wedding! We hope that you can learn some options for keeping your tiniest guests entertained, because let's face it, kids can make or break a wedding. Unhappy children are a recipe for disaster at weddings, especially when you have invited a high number of them. Fortunately, it's not hard (or expensive) to keep them happy!

In our first post on this topic, we recommended using the food served at the reception to your advantage. Having a fun dessert or specific food just for the kids (a kids' buffet, for example) can really make a difference. Now, we're going to focus on music. Kids like to move (all the time), especially when we don't want them to! They like to walk, run, skip, and dance. So why not take this excess energy and use it?

Most of the time, when picking the songs for your DJ, you'll include certain songs targeted towards certain age groups. Perhaps some oldies for the over 50 crowd and some Top 40 for your age group. But what most brides and grooms want is a full dance floor - for people to move! That's where a lot of brides choose to use line dances. Whether it's the Cupid Shuffle or the Electric Slide, there is usually a song that gets people up and moving. These songs bridge age gaps. Young or old, people will come out on the dance floor for these songs. These are the perfect songs to include in your "must play" list for your DJ if your guest list spans all age groups! These allow everyone, including kids, to get up and move their legs (and gives their parents a break).

One of our favorite options is to have a song just for kids. Many times, we see these being played at the end of dinner. This decision allows the kids to move around after finishing eating and gives the parents time to eat now that they're finished feeding their children! While there are several options you can use, our favorite is the Hokey Pokey. Kids know and love this song. And it's always fun to see a bunch of little kids on the dance floor. Adults can certainly join in, but with a song like the Hokey Pokey, they don't need to!

In complete seriousness, kids are such a blessing. They're adorable, fun, and unpredictable. By including songs that they know and can easily dance to, you're not only allowing them to run off excess energy, but you're also giving their parents a break and your guests something cute to look at. If you choose to use the music, you will not only be entertaining your littlest guests, but entertaining all the others, as well. :)

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