Friday, November 1, 2013

The First Look

Our blogger, Aimee, is away from the office attending a wedding this weekend!  And, as you may have picked up on from earlier blogs, Aimee is a new bride in her late twenties and provides the current voice as she blogs about trends, timelines, and weddings in general!  I on the other hand, provide the older…no, make that mature…no, make that seasoned….well, forget all those words and let’s just say I bring another voice to some topics! :-)  

As mentioned in a prior blog, I have always been fascinated by weddings.  Reading about famous weddings and all the hoopla surrounding their days is a favorite pastime of mine.  From the weddings of Princess Grace and Princess Diana, and others, I have come to understand that in America the one day every girl can feel like a princess is her wedding day.  A day where a princess marries her prince!  (Yes, I have always been a sucker for fairytales!) And this my friends, brings us to our topic for the day…..”The First Look”.  Today, anything goes at a wedding….there are no rights or wrongs…rather, there is traditional and non-traditional.  Here at BMH we have seen quite a variety of first looks….. there is the blindfolded groom who is led to his stunning bride, the unscripted surprise visit of the bride to the Groom’s Room (or vice versa), the turnaround – where bride and groom are each led to the same spot backwards and then turn to face each other, the bride who emerges from the Manor Barn as the groom waits outside…and so many more!  First looks prior to the wedding ceremony have become popular over the last few years…in large part so that the majority of the all-important photos can be taken prior to the wedding; freeing the bride and groom to join the cocktail hour and be present, with the exception of a few photos here and there, throughout their reception.  No doubt about it, this does have its merits and there is much to be said about freeing you up to enjoy every minute of the day!  BUT for me…….

Liking all things “wedding”, I also flock to movies about weddings, with favorites like Father of the Bride, Runaway Bride, My Best Friend’s Wedding, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the one I’m going to talk about today 27 Dresses.  Do you remember when Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) and Kevin Doyle (James Marsden) talk about what they love most at a wedding?  They both agree it is “the look”, that moment as the bride walks down the aisle and she and her groom’s eyes meet!  For me, I couldn’t agree more!  There is something about witnessing that first look and seeing the love that instantly appears in their eyes, smiles, and faces!  The moment where the music, the bridal party, and all the guests fall into the background and it is just them.  Often there are tears that well up letting all in attendance realize what a special, Special, SPECIAL day this is!  There is nothing like that very first look! 

Brides, when you begin your walk down the aisle, seek out the eyes of your groom. Never take your eyes off him. Gaze at him and create in your mind one of those "forever moments" you will never forget - a moment that 10, 20, or 50 years from now you will be able to remember just by closing your eyes!  Yes, I realize there are a ton of great moments at weddings, but there is only one that spontaneously displays your love for each other!  During that moment, parents of the bride and groom see the “rightness” of their son or daughter’s choice, guests are caught up into the celebration as they sense the depth of the couple’s love, and last but not least, the couple creates a moment in time they will never forget.

My advice for the day to you brides: Don’t wait until the last minute to decide how you want your groom to see you as his bride for the first time!  Think about it - it’s such an important moment! And to you grooms, whether you see your bride for the first time prior to the wedding or as she takes that first step down the aisle toward you, look into her eyes - look only at her - let her know, without saying a word, how much you love her!  YES, every facet of a wedding is truly wonderful; but there is just something so very poignant about that “first look”.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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