Friday, December 13, 2013

Let Them Eat Pie!

Today we get to talk about the most delicious part of a wedding: the sweets! 

We have recently had an influx of brides and grooms who are choosing to forego the traditional wedding dessert option: the cake. Cupcakes have been an alternative for a few years now, giving the option of a "cupcake cake" for those that don't want the typical wedding cake. We've also seen candy bars or sweets stations with little bags for the guests to fill up with their favorite treats.

We love innovative and unique ideas, and I'm confident that we have some of the most creative brides on the planet. Lately, we've heard one word in particular that has piqued our curiosity when it comes to the most delicious part of the wedding: pie.

Why is this just now making an appearance? Pie is not only one of the tastiest sweets, but it's already a staple in so many of our holidays; it's only natural that it start to infiltrate weddings! If you're like me and this is a relatively new idea to you, take a look through some inspiration that we've found for you. Just like with wedding cakes, you have innumerable options to use in making it your own.

Photo by And Unlimited
Not only are pies delicious, but you have so many cute decorating options for your sweets table! The traditional saying "Let Them Eat Cake"? Change it to suit your dessert. Add a cute, little saying "You are the Apple Pie to my Ice Cream", perfect if you'll be having an ice-cream bar, too!

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If you want to be different, but still have a dessert that looks like cake, you can! Stacked pies resembling a wedding cake? Cute and different! We love the idea of using a cake stand to create the look of a cake while maintaining the difference.

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We've all seen cake pops before, but have you ever seen pie pops? So unique! This also allows for multiple kinds of pie and for each guest to have their individual dessert. It also means that they can have seconds if they want. :)

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We love this idea: mini-pies. You can have multiple flavors with little flags in each so your guests know what they're choosing! Or, you could put your guests names on the pies and make it their favor! For an added effect, you can add your new last initial onto the tops of the pies!

We love the unique nature of pie as a dessert choice. Every couple and every wedding is unique. You have so many ways to make your wedding yours, even your dessert choice! Feel free to let us know what you'll be doing to make your wedding unique. We'd love to hear from you!

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As always, happy wedding planning!

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